Welcome to 11:11 Art Studio, where You can discover Ekaterina's Kern intuitive artworks.
It is said that a great artist is always before their time; and this stands true of Ekaterina Kern.

As a professional artist, she has dedicated years to the arts

and created an intuitive  method "Art visualization". Ekaterina perceives Art as a medium that reveals deeper insights into our reality.
One of it defining principles is a deep dialogue between energy of colors, symbols and our subconsciousness for the creating an individual artwork.

 Art Portfolio

"Universe". Private collection. Prague
"La Papillon"
"Le papillon". Private collection. Prague
Phuket, Thailand
"Maria". Private collection. Prague.
"Inner Balance" project
"Inner balance" Private collection
"Inner balance". Private collection
"Universe". Private collection. Bangkok
"Addicted". Private collection. Zurich.
"Lotus" Private collection
"Le papillon vertige".Private collection. Paris.
"The wing of Butterfly"
"The butterfly" 2
"Sphere of butterfly"
"Waterlilies". Private collection. Phuket
"Vision of France"
"Lotus". Private collection. Prague
"Lotus". Private collection. Prague
"White lotus". Private collection. Berlin
"Mood" Private collection
"Eye of vision" Private collection
"Inner balance" private collection
"Poppy". Private collection. Prague.
"Lotus".Private collection. Prague
"Sphere of butterfly". Private collection. Prague
"Inner Balance" Private collection
"Ivan caj" Private collection
6 SB
"HM personal progress". Private collection. Prague
"Inner Balance" private collection.
"Le Papillon vertige"
"Memory vision"
Prague, CR
"Flight".Private collection. Prague.
"Lotus". Private collection. Prague
"Tree". Private collection. Prague
"Inner balance" private collection.
Inner Balance
"Lotus on fire".Private collection. CR
"Balance". Private collection
"Gold papillon"
"Up & down". Private collection. Prague
"Vision of energy"
"Memory" Private collection
"Vision of butterfly"
waterlilie 105x145 cm 2012.jpg
"Infinity". Private collection. Paris
Art academy Prague
"Le papillon"
"Vision of light". Private collection. Monaco

Ekaterina Kern

Intuitive Artist


As an intuitive artist, Ekaterina Kern is constantly seeking new spiritual and innovative ways to develop her proficiency. Since 2015 she is a co-founder of the program "Golden Flower" for the awareness and prosperity of companies and people. She is using her intuitive drawing techniques to focus on mapping the flow of corporate & personal  energies, which allows people to look deepper inside their businesses.

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